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MSDS To New SDS Ratio/Tracking

Understanding the ongoing effort to convert all MSDS to the new SDS, HazCommpliance tracks the number of the newer SDS documents in your inventory. As our data entry specialists review your documents, the newer SDS documents are flagged in our system. Every quarter, our clients receive an update as to what percent of documents in their specific inventory are the new SDS’, tracking the level of compliance of their inventory. Manufacturers have until June of 2015 to update the SDS. After that deadline, the end user then has a full year through June of 2016 to then obtain those SDS’. If you are routinely ordering from the manufacturer, the manufacturer should be sending this document to you with your next shipment after they have updated the SDS. However, if it is a product you may not routinely order or if it is an older product, end users will have to seek out the SDS from the manufacturer. This can be time-consuming; at HazCommpliance, we are continually circulating through our database and obtaining the most up to date revisions from the manufacturers.

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